Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-Oral Camera

Dr. Ngo uses the intraoral camera system as a helpful diagnostic tool to assess your dental health.

The intraoral camera takes live movies and snapshots of your teeth and gums. It resembles a small toothbrush covered by a disposable hygienic protective sheath for each new patient.

The camera looks into and around the inside of your mouth, taking images from a variety of angles. These images are transmitted wirelessly in real time to a nearby computer monitor.

Along with Dr. Ngo, you will be able to clearly view existing conditions within your mouth. If you have a fractured tooth or receding gum line, a picture may really be worth more than a thousand words!

Images are saved in your chart for future reference. The intraoral camera is a valuable tool to help you make informed decisions about your dental needs.

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