State-of-the-art Dentistry

Dr. Ngo and her staff offer general comprehensive dental care including exams, diagnostic X-rays and cleanings, crowns and implant crowns, veneers, professional teeth whitening, Invisalign® clear orthodontic aligners, non-surgical periodontal therapy, and root canals. During diagnosis, Dr. Ngo uses the latest dental technology such as:

Digital X-rays – create crystal clear images that allow for a more accurate diagnosis. Also, Digital X-Rays emit 90% less radiation than conventional dental x-rays.

Intraoral Camera – allows Dr. Ngo to take high-quality digital images of your tooth so you can see exactly what is going on as she is checking your teeth and gums.

Diagnodent Laser – breakthrough technology in cavity detection allows Dr. Ngo to detect a cavity forming months or years before it gets to the point of needing a filling … this helps you prevent the need for future fillings.

Invisalign – clear aligner therapy allows for orthodontic straightening of your teeth without the need for metal wires typically associated with braces.

Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric Radiographs – This x-ray unit allows for the capture of head and neck anatomy that is typically not seen with traditional radiographs. Also, this unit allows for the accurate diagnosis of 3rd molars. Dr. Ngo also uses this unit to help the treatment plan for braces and implants.

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